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DIY Dog Collar … Easter Dress

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Patiently enduring his fitting

It all started when I saw a Macy’s ad for 25% off “Easter dress” for kids. Such an ad made me feel completely justified in shopping for an Easter collar for Cyrus. After all, how much could an Easter collar cost compared to a kid’s Easter outfit? And while a child might need a new Easter outfit every year, if only for fashion’s sake, a fully grown dog could wear his year after year with no concern.

With Dan enthusiastically on board, we walked down to our local pet store (the excellent Dogbone Alley) with the intent of applying Cyrus’ birthday coupon to a new collar … perhaps one with Easter eggs … or bunnies?


How adorable is this?! Sadly, all the collars in this print were much too large. So when I spotted the leash, sewing ideas started forming in my mind …


What really sold me on trying this out was the price. The leash, all 6 feet of it, was $20.50—the exact same price as the miniscule dog collar of the same brand. I could make six small-dog collars for the price of one! (Yes, I’m thinking of you, Maisy & Newport.)

All it took was a trip to Beverly’s for a plastic buckle and a D-ring. This collar isn’t adjustable the way store-bought ones are, but who cares? It’s custom.

But before any sewing could take place, Cyrus needed to get down and dirty with his favorite activity:



Nude dog (after a bath) awaiting his new duds

I worried that my Elna would balk at the heavy layers, but using a size 16 needle and a zig-zag stitch, I had no problems. To get a clean finish, first unpick some of the patterned ribbon away from the thick strap underneath. Then cut away  3/4″ more of the strap, seal the strap’s edge with Fraycheck (glue would also work), and wrap the excess ribbon around the sealed edge of the strap. That way you don’t have to try to fold over the edge of the strap, which would probably be impossible to do anyway. I didn’t take a picture of this, but if you want one, I plan to make more collars for my “niece” and “nephew” soon.






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