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Sewing for victory … on spring break

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Itching to get started, but my pattern hasn’t yet arrived …

.duant sunback dress

What do you think?

I’ve never heard of Duant patterns before … surprisingly, a Google search of it yielded pretty much nothing. What drew me to this pattern was the drapey cape that attaches to the dress waistband via buttons (!?). I’ve seen lots of 1940s sundresses with matching bolero jackets, but never a cape! Perfect for an Irish lady with ultra-white, sunburn-prone shoulders. I practically never go sleeveless without something to protect my skin because I’d rather not wear sunscreen if I can avoid it.

The dress has so many seams that I expect I’ll choose a solid fabric. I’m hoping for a light to mid-weight chambray, perhaps in rose or coral? I have a lovely light red chambray in my stash, but in a heavier weight that is wrong for this cape. Is cape even the right word? The pattern piece looks like a bib, but the overall effect is of a wrap. In any case, this whole experiment might go wrong, but how can I not try??